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Turtle Safari in Tenerife

The calm sheltered waters of El Puertito Tenerife, on the south-west coast of the Island, provide excellent conditions for a great snorkeling with turtles experience. The bay is inhabited by a total of 7 sea turtles. Here, you get an opportunity to swim up very close to these lovely creatures.

Swim or snorkel with these amazing animals and become more acquainted with them in their natural habitat. You can also see a wide assortment of subtropical fish and once in a while the occasional stingray makes an appearance.

Tenerife Guide Title Snorkeling Tenerife - Turtle bay snorkeling

Snorkeling Tenerife (Turtle Safari) is run by the Los Gigantes Diving Centre, which is located in the village of Los Gigantes down on the marina front. Meeting time for this fantastic adventure is 9:00 am.

Turtles in El Puertito Tenerife

Upon arrival you will be provided with all the equipment you need for the trip. Additional flotation jackets can be provided for the less confident / beginners. After the equipment is sorted, a quick brief will be given, and then it’s over to the boat to start the adventure. It´s a 45 minute trip to Turtle Bay (El Puertito Tenerife) and on the way, quiet often, groups of bottle-nose dolphins or pilot whales can be spotted. When we arrive at El Puertito bay the boat will anchor for 1 hour. A skipper will be on-board at all times, watching and guiding you. He/She will also tell you where to go if a turtle has been spotted from the boat. Once you are in the water the turtles will happily come up close to you and sometimes follow you around. This trip is perfect for people with go-pro cameras or similar. If you don´t have a camera don´t worry, the Dive Centre have cameras that can be rented out.

Tenerife Guide Title Sea Turtles in the Canary Islands

Five species of sea turtles can be observed in Canarian waters: loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), hawksbill turtle (Erelmochelys imbricata) and olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea).

The loggerhead turtle is the most common species, but in certain areas near the coast, juvenile green turtles reside temporarily. One of these areas on the south west coast, El Puertito Tenerife also known as turtle bay tenerife. These animals will leave Canarian waters and return to their natal places, in America and Africa, to breed.

The green turtles and loggerhead turtles are endangered species and are protected by international treaties and agreements. You can help its conservation. Don't feed sea turtles. Don't throw garbage into the sea. Take special care with fishing hooks. If you see an injured or sick animal, call 'La Tahonilla' Wildlife Recovery Centre of Tenerife Inter-Island Council Telephone: 112 or (+34) 922 445 777 or (+34) 696 463 760

Tenerife Guide Title Tenerife Snorkeling - Turtle Bay Snorkeling

The price of Turtle bay snorkeling is 40€ per person. There will be a maximum of 12 people on-board, 1 skipper and 11 passengers. All the equipment, soft drinks, water and snacks provided on-board are included in the price.

This excursion lasts for approximately 3 hours

The boat is anchored no deeper then 8 - 10 meters maximum which is perfect for snorkeling with sea turtles / swimming with sea turtles.

The dive centre has snorkeling equipment for kids 5 years and above.

All you have to bring is a towel, dry clothes, suntan lotion and maybe a hat.

Tenerife Guide Title Directions to the Los Gigantes Diving Centre

Los Gigantes diving centre is located on the marina in Los Gigantes (Southwest coast of Tenerife). About three quarters of a way along the marina front is a big restaurant called "La Paella" and just to the left of the restaurant is an entrance with a sign leading to the dive centre, the GPS Coordinates are: 28°14'49.6"N 16°50'29.7"W. The dive centre is also listed of google maps. Click here to view on Google maps

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Telephone: (+34) 922 860 431
Mobile: (+34) 637 819 204

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